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What Are The Advantages Of Crawler Hydraulic Rigs?

Jun. 28, 2024

Crawler Mounted Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig


A crawler-mounted hydraulic DTH drilling rig is a fully hydraulic rock drilling machine equipped with a crawler traveling mechanism.




The crawler hydraulic drilling rig is a full hydraulic rock drilling machine designed with a crawler traveling mechanism.




The crawler hydraulic drilling rig consists of several key components:


- Power Unit and Hydraulic System: Powers and controls the entire rig through hydraulic mechanisms.

- Crawler Traveling Mechanism: Provides mobility and stability across various terrains.

- Drill Frame: Equipped with a hydraulic rock drill and a propeller for efficient drilling.

- Support Arm: Stabilizes the drilling operations and positions the drill accurately.

- Drill Rod Unloading Device: Facilitates the easy handling and unloading of drill rods.


The rig supports a drilling hole diameter ranging from 35 to 125 mm and can reach drilling depths of up to 30 meters, making it suitable for large-scale stone excavation and drilling operations. Aside from the use of high-pressure air or water for drilling, all operations are hydraulically controlled.


Crawler Drill Machine



Compared to the pneumatic monk rock drill (air drill), the crawler hydraulic drill offers:


- Lower power consumption

- Higher rock drilling speed

- Reduced noise levels

- Enhanced working conditions




Hydraulic crawler drills, as advanced hydraulic rock drill systems, are characterized by:


1. Adaptability and Efficiency: The rig can swing, telescope, and swivel, offering mobility to adapt to diverse operating environments and reducing preparation time for operations.


2. Safety and Stability: The front end of the working cylinder is equipped with a two-way hydraulic locking device, ensuring safety and stability during use.


3. Advanced Mobility: The tracked walking mechanism features a separate pressurized driving device and a hydraulic jack support system, allowing for in-place turning and adaptation to uneven ground.


4. Efficient Drill Pipe Handling: Equipped with a drill pipe unloading device and the capacity for 5 to 7 drill pipes, it facilitates rapid operations for connecting, disassembling, centering, and handling the drill pipes, saving time and reducing physical labor.


Tracked Pneumatic Drilling Rig Efficient Application in Coal Mines 

Pneumatic drilling rig for mining: High-efficiency drilling rig with simple operation in coal mine. Crawler-type pneumatic drilling rig is a compressed air-powered drilling rig for walking and drilling. Although it sounds complicated, it is simple to operate. One row of operating tables, 6 operating levers, forward and backward, turn, adjust the angle of the drilling position, and drill out Get it all.


The drilling operation and walking of the crawler pneumatic drill are controlled by an independent console. For drilling operations, first stabilize the rig and turn the start-stop button of the rig console to the stop position, and then pull the rear-end ball valve on the pumping station to get the rig's pneumatic console. There are two reversing valves on the console to control the rotation and advancement of the rig, and a ball valve to control the amount of water in the drilling process. The right control valve controls the rotation of the rig. It pushes the host forward and pulls backward to reverse. The middle position stops. The left control valve controls the forward and backward movement of the gyrator, pushes the gyrator forward, pulls the gyrator backward, and stops in the middle position.


This type of coal mine underground crawler-type pneumatic drilling rig can be used in connection with high-pressure air outlets, no motor, no electricity, no explosion danger, high safety. Pneumatic crawler drilling rigs can be operated across belts and scrapers and are suitable for drilling underground holes such as water holes, gas holes, pressure relief, and punching.

Crawler Drill Machine

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