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What is oil drill pipe?
Oil drill pipe is used for oil well drilling. Drill pipe is characterized by thin wall and light weight per unit length. It mainly provides mud passage and transmits pulling force and torque. There is also a type of oil drill jack: thick wall, heavy weight per unit length, mainly providing mud passage, transmitting pulling force and torque and providing drilling weight for the drill bit.

Here are some key features:

High Strength: 

Drill pipe is manufactured from high-strength steel to withstand the extreme pressures, torsional forces, and abrasive conditions encountered during drilling. This ensures the pipe can endure the stresses without deformation or failure.

Threaded Connections: 

Drill pipe sections are equipped with threaded connections at each end, known as tool joints, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly of the drill string. These connections are designed to provide a secure seal and maintain integrity under high torque loads.

Weight and Length Options: 

Drill pipe comes in various weight per unit length (measured in pounds per foot or kilograms per meter) and lengths to accommodate different drilling requirements and well conditions. The selection of the appropriate weight and length is crucial for optimizing drilling performance.

Tool Joint Strength: 

The tool joints, which are reinforced sections of the drill pipe, are designed to withstand the highest stresses and loads encountered during drilling. They are engineered to provide maximum strength and durability at the connection points.

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