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  • Water Well Casing Pipe
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  • Water Well Casing Pipe

Water Well Casing Pipe


Product Description

Steel water well casing pipes in the BQ, NQ, HQ, and PQ series are essential components in drilling operations, especially in water well drilling and geological exploration. These pipes are designed to provide structural integrity to boreholes and support drilling operations in various ground conditions.

Diameter and Size Range

  • BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ series with various diameters to cater to different drilling requirements.

  • Custom sizes are also available upon request.

Material Quality

  • Manufactured from high-grade steel, such as carbon steel or high manganese steel, ensuring durability and strength.

  • The drill rods and casings are heat-treated for additional strength and wear resistance.

Product Range

Includes drill rods, wireline core barrels (AQ-PQ), and assemblies, along with various diamond drill tools


  • Versatility: Can be used in a wide range of geological formations.

  • Durability: Designed to withstand heavy stresses and high tensile forces.

  • Precision Manufacturing: Produced with advanced technology to meet international standards

Lengthm1.5 or 31.5 or 31.5 or 31.5 or 3
thread lengthmm424241.9163.5
thread pitchthread/inch3332.5
box thread tooth heightmm0.760.760.761.17
pin thread tooth heightmm0.880.880.881.27
thread tooth negative angle
tensile resistance(A)kn450525545565
tensile resistance(B)kn530625.5602660


  • Suitable for water well drilling, geological coring exploration, soil testing and sampling, mineral exploration, and more.

  • Applicable in different strata, ranging from loose soil to the hardest rocks.

Quality Assurance

Each pipe undergoes rigorous testing, including mechanical tests and dimensional checks, to ensure adherence to quality and performance standards.

Customization and Services

  • Customization options available for specific drilling needs.

  • Professional technical support and after-sales services provided.

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For detailed pricing, customization options, and further inquiries, please contact our sales team.

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