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Tool Joint


Product Description:

1.OD: 57-229mm


3.Length: N:235mm M:195mm

4.Apply to connection drill rod with Well Drilling,Geological drilling

5.Tool Joint: NC, IF, REG, FH.

Drill Pipe Tool Joint Features:

Drill pipes are steel tubes with threaded ends that are used to connect a drill rigs surface equipment with its drilling equipment, or bottomhole assembly, at the bottom of a well. They are used to transport drilling fluid to drill bits, and to raise, lower and rotate the bottomhole assembly along with the drill bit. Drill pipes must be manufactured to withstand severe internal and external pressure, distortion, bending and vibration. They are reusable and are not considered consumables in the process of exploring for and extracting oil and gas. 

Drill pipe joint codeDrill PipeDrill Pipe Joints(mm)
Spec.Steel GradeODID of Pin TapTong Space of Pan TapTong Space of Box Tap
NC262 3/8''DZ5O,R780Ø86Ø45178203
2 3/8''G105Ø85.7Ø44.5178203
NC312 7/8''ZD5,R780Ø104.8Ø50.8232280
2 7/8''G105Ø104.8Ø50.8232280
NC383 1/2''DZ50,R780Ø127Ø65.09248310
3 1/2''G105Ø127Ø61.9248310
NC464 1/2''DZ50,R780Ø158.8Ø82.6236320
4 1/2''G105Ø158.8Ø76.2236320
NC504 1/2''G105Ø168.3Ø86236320

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