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  • API 5DP Tool Jonint And Coupling For Water Well Drilling
  • API 5DP Tool Jonint And Coupling For Water Well Drilling
  • API 5DP Tool Jonint And Coupling For Water Well Drilling
  • API 5DP Tool Jonint And Coupling For Water Well Drilling

API 5DP Tool Jonint And Coupling For Water Well Drilling


Product Overview

Our Tool Joints, designed for the drilling industry, are essential components for connecting sections of drill pipe or drill collars. These robust connectors are engineered to withstand the challenging conditions of drilling operations, ensuring reliability and efficiency in various drilling environments.


Key Specifications

  • Material: High-grade, heat-treated alloy steel for maximum strength and durability.

  • Size Range: Available in a wide range of sizes to fit different drill pipe diameters. Custom sizes available upon request.

  • Thread Types: API standard threads, including REG, IF, FH, and NC, ensuring compatibility with a variety of drill pipes.

  • Standard Compliance: Manufactured to meet or exceed API specifications and industry standards.

  • Connection Type: Pin and box connections, precision machined for a secure and robust fit. 

Features and Benefits

  • High Strength and Durability: Capable of withstanding high torque and extreme drilling pressures.

  • Precision Machined Threads: Ensure easy make-up and break-out, reducing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Corrosion Resistance: Advanced coating technologies for protection against rust and environmental degradation.

  • Interchangeability: Compatible with various drill pipes and collars, offering flexibility in drilling operations.

  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality control process, including dimensional inspections and material testing.

Tool Joint Specifiction


Drill pipe Specifiction

Drill pipe joint codeDrill PipeDrill Pipe Joints(mm)
SpecSteel GradeODID of Pin TapTong Space of Pan TapTong Space of BoxTap
NC262 3/8"DZ50,R7808645178203
2 3/8"G10585.744.5178203
NC312 7/8"ZD5,R780104.850.8232280
2 7/8"G105104.850.8232280
NC383 1/2"DZ50,R780012765.09248310
3 1/2"G105012761.9248310
NC464 1/2"DZ50,R780158.882.6236320
4 1/2"G105158.876.2236320
NC504 1/2"G105168.3086236320

Customization and Ordering

  • Tailored solutions available to meet specific drilling requirements.

  • Contact our sales team with your specifications for a custom quote.

Customer Support

  • Expert technical support team available to assist with product selection and queries.

  • Comprehensive after-sales service including installation guidance and maintenance tips.

Contact Information

For further information or to place an order, please contact us at [Your Contact Information]. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality tool joints and expert assistance to ensure your drilling operations are successful and efficient.

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